Some IT candidates are harder to find than ocean front property in Arizona. You can search for days without turning up real leads. Yet the candidate search is not impossible. With the right technology staffing partner, you can unearth otherwise hidden IT professionals and bring their expertise to your team.

But which IT candidates are true rarities? We find that many of our customers have a hard time locating technical expertise in the following fields:


Unstructured data is still a goldmine that many business have not been able to fully tap. The insight extracted from once inscrutable data can yield a windfall ROI. That is why IT candidates with big data skills have some of the highest earning potential with a median salary of $124,000.

Dice finds that among the highest paying tech skills are several big data talents, all of which easily surpass the already uncanny median big data salary. For example, knowledge of big data tool Cassandra can gross $147,811, Pig can gross $132,850, and MapReduce can gross $131,463. With all that niche variety, many businesses not using a technology staffing partner find the aforementioned expertise is as rare as white rhinos.


The cloud now dominates the way we interact with applications, platforms, and other programs. Business tools need to be accessible on-demand and to handle a high volume of users simultaneously. The cloud is cheaper and less of a drain on local machines. That’s why cloud based platforms and environments built by cloud gurus are essential to that equation and why cloud computing skills earn about $94,283.

As more businesses seek to transcend local datacenters and localized software, the demand for platform-as-a-service (PaaS) expertise has risen. Dice finds that cloud experts with PaaS skills can easily earn $140,894. Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform expertise, though more common, are still undeniably useful talents. Finding someone adroit enough to make each of those components sing is rare indeed.


Surprised by this one? It’s true that Mobile Application Developers are highly involved in the consumer market. Yet there appears to be a gap on the enterprise side. Gartner says that the demand for enterprise mobile app development will surpass the supply by the end of 2017. That is why there is little surprise that the average salary of a Mobile Applications Developer is near $102,000.

Some of the problem comes down to sourcing practices. Which application development best practices are cutting-edge – even among iOS, Android, and Windows experts – shift on the regular. Plus, the way many enterprises are improving application user experience requires a higher caliber candidate. The job market is perpetually roiling and moving IT candidates in and out of availability. Constant awareness of candidate availability is tough to pull off unless tracking candidates is your business. That’s why the best talent goes to businesses which know how to use the help of a technology staffing partner.


In 2015, stories about data breaches throttled our news feed every few weeks. No business was inviolable. Everyone from healthcare providers and retail giants to federal agencies and financial institutions appeared to have targets on their backs. After years of costly security breaches, it’s no surprise that the median salary of Data Security Analysts has risen to $88,890 and is moving upwards.

Plus, demand will not decrease any time soon. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that between 2014 and 2024, demand for information and data security analysts will increase by 18 percent. Hackers are always pioneering new ways to compromise data. Finding data security analysts who can compete in the IT arms race requires unblinking attention on the candidate market that most busy HR departments and project managers cannot reasonably give.


The inherent challenge in hiring for all of these positions is identifying when one of their ranks is available on the open market. Big data engineers, cloud architects, mobile applications developers, data security analysts, and many of the industry’s other top tech talent are procurable for a tiny window. Most do not have the spare time to watch the market like a hawk.

A technology staffing partner, on the other hand, can keep an uninterrupted eye on candidates. The best IT staffing firms are hip deep in the job market. Their sole focus is finding exceptional tech talent and their pipelines are large and diverse enough that they never have to settle for less than a jigsaw-perfect fit for your business.

We know that the best IT candidates are more than just a laundry list of skills. That is why every candidate we submit to our clients also meshes with the intangible features that make them great. Learn more about why AIT Global is a technology staffing partner you can trust to find the job market’s rare candidates.