• Reduced mutually redundant data score by 23%
  • Reduce rework, encouraging the end users to reuse existent data per their needs
  • Reduce time taken for document creation by 38%  [...]
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Asbury Park Press

  • Visually appealing charts and interactive graphics gave end users a great experience and portrayed the seriousness of the issue very well.
  • Popularity of the program grew very quickly as the design was very content oriented unlike other special reports.  [...]
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DMS Testing

  • The QA team provided unbiased and extensive evaluation of the code and improved the quality of the application through rigorous testing of end to end system functionalities.
  • Increased efficiency of the application by automating approximately 85% of the application screens.  [...]
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The Juilliard School

  • Easy data syndication (supplying data directly to external tools such as web sites, digital signage, reports, etc.) RSS, XML, iCalendar import/export, etc.
  • Granular roles and permissions engine (LDAP-based permissions).
  • Standards-based (CalDav, iCal).  [...]
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  • DMS provides web-ready files to the client for their web site while also printing and distributing different versions of their product to different locations which when compared to the earlier process resulted in 50% reduction in staff and time requirements while improving the accuracy and consistency of the information
  • Before DMS, it took over 24 hours to load the data into a template, set up a document, generate the proof, and post it for review. Now, the same production loop takes from five-to-12 hours.  [...]
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Veronis Suhler Stevenson

  • A full fledged digital edition of VSS Communication Industry Forecast
  • E-Book integration.
  • Flexible AJAX based grids and user controls.  [...]
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  • User can send custom emoji.
  • Reduce time taken for document creation by 38%.
  • User can add/remove the emoji from the keyboard using the app container
  • User can send emoji on different app like iMessage,whatsapp,facebook messenger.
  • User can save the emoji in camera roll.  [...]
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  • Easy Lead Management.
  • Track lead events on the go.
  • Create new leads, add custom fields on the fly.  [...]
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