Product Overview:

Metroleads, by MetroGuild, is an easy to use Lead Sourcing,Tracking and Management Platform. MetroLeads sources,tracks and manages your leads. With a razor-sharp focus on ease of use, leads are automatically captured and tracked whether via phone, website, Internet, Search Engines or Social Media. Take control, manage, capture all communications and follow every lead from their first response to your advertising all the way to the store/ business visit of your potential customers using our patent pending system. MetroLeads proactively analyzes your lead data to detect trends and provides real business tips and metrics.


  • Mobile version of the application for on-the-go usage.
  • Dynamic fields/ forms customizations on the fly.
  • Quick turnaround timeretrievals


  • Create virtual data indices.
  • Ingest and transform data using Logstash.
  • Create Flask end-points to host user requests.
  • Fun query DSL in Elasticsearch and feed it to python dfflib.
  • Format and present data to end users.


  • Easy Lead Management.
  • Track lead events on the go.
  • Create new leads, add custom fields on the fly.

Business Challenge


The MetroLeads application, though a super power tool for any sales team, was only available in its desktop-web friendly version. This started to get counterproductive when a sales representative was on the field. Users were having a tough time in both storing as well as accessing lead information while on the go. As more and more customer feedbacks poured in, a need to have a mobile version of the application started to get very evident. Since MetroLeads is a very loosely coupled, very dynamic application, that can be tailored to fit a business need, the challenge was to have this nature replicated on the mobile version of the application. The finished product was required to be as intuitive and as user friendly as the web version is.


AIT had a unique problem at hand, dynamic form generation is an unexplored territory of the Android system, and the short turnaround time that MetroGuild was expecting was adding to the complexity. To address this, the mobile team at Android took a quick prototyping approach to ensure the expected solution was possible and doable. The teams were divided in a way, where a set of resources worked on the prototype while the others covered the other aspects of the application. This approach helped complete the requested application within the desired timelines. Generic UI XML files were created for different types of fields and UI was rendered depending on the data type. Ids were added to the UI views so updates and deletes were flawless. At the end of development, the finished product was:

A handy application for sales reps on the field:

At times when salespeople are on the field and want to update information about the leads they don’t need to go to the browser and use the web version, they can simply use the mobile app. The app is very handy and easy. He can easily do the all the necessary updates while on the go.

A completely dynamic UI:

A lot of lead information can be captured during a business meeting, end users can add new fields of information at runtime. Sales reps can add, modify and delete the fields at runtime.

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