Migrating Complex Data
  • November 6, 2023
  • AIT Admin
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In the pursuit of unlocking new possibilities, our tech-forward client embarked on a journey to migrate their Oracle Data Warehouse to a petabyte data warehouse service. Their goal was to enhance system performance, capacity and more, all at minimal downtime. AIT Global took the challenge and worked diligently to provide the service.


  • In our collaboration, AIT facilitated the seamless conversion of their data warehouse schema and code.
  • Utilizing a popular conversion tool, we successfully transformed the source schema and custom code into a compatible format for the petabyte data warehouse service.
  • AIT Global was able to help the migration process to be made efficient and reliable.


Faster Service: Ensured a smooth migration and delivered fast query performance.
Affordable: Unlimited users can now perform analytics on the data at an amazing rate.
Cost Optimization: This migration helped our client to use the data to its full potential at the best deal.
Improved Performance: It also helped in improving the overall system performance.

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