Data Migration Through Snowpipe


A client from a well-known tech industry needed help transferring data from cloud storage to Snowflake tables. However, Snowpipe didn’t support database operation which caused duplicate data to be inserted. This limitation posed a significant challenge as database operation is crucial for data warehouses. AIT Global stepped in to provide a solution, addressing this limitation and ensuring seamless data transfer without duplicates. Their expertise in Snowpipe and data warehousing helped the client overcome this challenge and achieve their goal of transferring data while maintaining data integrity.


  • To address the problem, we devised a solution using external tables, temporary tables, stored procedures, and tasks.
  • We introduced additional steps to transfer the data to external tables before loading it into Snowflake.
  • External tables enabled us to access data stored outside Snowflake.
  • Finally, we were able to help our client achieve a seamless data migration


Elimination of Duplicate Data: Ensures only unique records are inserted or updated, maintaining data integrity.
Automation and Scheduling: Automates stored procedure execution, reducing manual effort and ensuring regular data updates.
Flexibility: Can be applied to any external cloud storage, providing compatibility with various data sources.
Efficient in Data Management: This process ensures efficient data handling and enables seamless integration.

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