Centralizing Data Assets for Reporting and Analytics


A Canadian real estate company sought to centralize dispersed data assets into a unified repository for reporting and analytics. Handling data flows smoothly and efficiently was a priority for a real estate company and hence they turned to AIT Global for an automated solution. We eagerly took on the challenge and provided a robust automation workflow.


  • Our experts utilized Node.js for web automation and created a script to reliably capture the portal’s CSV (comma-separated values) at regular time intervals.
  • With each extract, the script analyses and compares new data against previous iterations to filter only new, unique entries.
  • We also set up a way to put this data into a cloud-based platform and made sure everything works smoothly.
  • For transparency, we generated an HTML-formatted processing report with each run, compiling automation statistics and conveying success indicators.
  • We created monitors to ensure everything runs smoothly and made reports for administrators to see the overall performance and workflow.


  • Reliable Automation: Ensured robust, resilient CSV extraction and data processing without manual oversight.
  • Optimized Dataflows: The comparison filtration preserves only novel data, avoiding duplicate entries and keeping datasets clean.
  • Cloud-based Integration: By leveraging cloud-based API capabilities, we delivered a solution that automatically prepares and loads data into the platform.
  • Increased Efficiency: Automating the overall extract-transform-load workflow saved significant time over manual processing.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Provided full visibility into run statistics, data summaries, and outcomes.
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