Approach for customer on avoiding extra expense on checking contents

AIT caters clients who work with Content Management Industry and Financial Services. Our client developed software that was component-based and renders the document in different formats (i.e. PDF, WORD, HTML, XBRL). The major challenge for the client was to maintain the quality of the product with quick turnaround time. The rendition generated in their tool has some content issues because of some technical challenges and user inputs. They already had software testers who can test the functions and bugs but checking each content was impossible for testers. This content was very important because client files that document with regulatory bodies that needs to follow compliance based rules. Also client did not want to divert testers’ basic functionality of testing for bugs to reading content and spending more time and cost on testing.


This is when Proofreading approach was introduced, solution was proposed and a team was formed:

  • The team would check all the rendition of the document with the original WebProof document.
  • Document processes from In-progress queue to Publish queue proofreaders will read all documents from each queue.
  • Initially, all documents were read character to character to make sure that content coming out from the tool is correct and there were no content and style issues.
  • Proofreaders started marking two types of issue 1) Content issues due to bugs 2) Content issues due to user inputs.
  • The content issues due to bugs were sent to developers to fix and content issues due to user inputs sent to the customer to fix the content in their document.
  • Lately, major issues in the document were fixed by developers and then proofreaders started sending style issues.
  • Proofreaders verified and read all documents from all queues then they started slug reading the document which means reading the start and end of each paragraph instead of character to character.

Finally, the team reached their goal where they noticed that the content issues got eliminated drastically and the document that got generated in their tool was clean and ready to file.

It took 6 months to streamline the process only with 2 proofreaders.


The client saved huge cost with this approach without compromising on Quality. Within 6 months, this process helped the customer fix all the content issues from the tool.

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