Content Management & Automation Solutions

Our esteemed client’s need:

  • Client expected an enterprise level automation testing for a web-based content management and publishing application. This will boost up the speed and thus aid in upgrading application.
  • Construct all inclusive, defensible and enterprise level automation solution for web-based Content Management System
  • Revamp product quality be automating all backlog and regression test cases. Furthermore, integrate with CI tool Jenkins to elevate support of CI
  • Automation test should support pre-define browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome along with vivid operating systems.
  • Vital functionalities such as formation of Fund, Business Document, Components, status transformation and proofing etc. should be part of Test Automation
  • Precise and informative tests report to be published after every test execution along with log files.

What was the solution?

  • Test scenarios were brainstormed and shortlisted for automation scripts.
  • Proposed open source tools such as Test Link for test management, Selenium (Webdriver) for UI test automation and JAVA.
  • To manage code GIT was used which also benefited for version control, moreover Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • SONAR/PMD for Code violations, Redmine for Task tracking.
  • Implemented framework like TestNG, Maven & Data-Driven including design technique as Page Object Model (POM).
  • Contemplated technologies for precise and informative test reports like HTML, XSLT, 3D pi-chart reports and for logs log4J.

How was client profited?

  • Repeatedly End-to-End testing was carried out that reinforced analytical results within less time and identified critical bugs at initial stage.
  • Successfully accomplished 100% test automation coverage for cross-browser compatibility
  • Due to quality work delivered within deadlines, project costs was reduced as there were no glitches to be fixed post releases.
  • In order to save time, parallel execution was put into action that helped to execute tests with multiple machines.
  • Automation aided in reducing time and thus allowed client to market application within less time and costs. Execution of scripts constantly delivered better results day by day after each and every release.
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