Development of Project Management Tool


  • To create a web management tool for maintaining and managing project related information.
  • Uploading and displaying the employees timesheets on a monthly and yearly basis and analyse their productivity over different projects and departments.
  • Analysing the various project phases and their timelines in a graphical manner..
  • Generating and analysing the project budget and forecasting the manpower required for a particular project and comparing with its actuals in a graphical manner.


  • Based on these requirements we gathered, we conducted various brainstorming sessions and created a base database structure.
  • Used a high end javascript framework for creating a semantic UI, a powerful high-level, object-oriented programming language for creating restful API’s and scalable database for storing the data.
  • Google charts for displaying the different graphs
  • Gitlab for code management and version controlling system.


  • Comparative analysis of actual and forecasted budget and manpower over the entire course of the project can be visually seen.
  • Quicker data uploads and project calculations are achieved.
  • Easy to navigate and access the entire project related information.
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